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On Becoming a Volunteer:

All persons interested in becoming North Austin Medical Center volunteer must complete the following steps:

1. Complete a written application. Click here for a printable fax/mail form.
2. Participate in a personal interview with the Director of Volunteers.
3. Provide a report of a TB test taken within the prior three months or take a free TB test here prior to volunteering.
4. Attend a New Employee/Volunteer orientation.
5. Each volunteer will receive appropriate training and orientation to the assigned area of service.
6. Each volunteer is requested to give 50 hours of service (at least four hours or more per week) in order to qualify to be an active NAMC volunteer.

Uniforms may be purchased at Total Uniforms located in "The Centre" Business Park at 7801 North Lamar Boulevard #162B. Total Uniforms faces the Highway 183 access road as you are traveling south from the 183/Lamar intersection. Once you have purchased your uniform, bring it to the Volunteer Office to have it embroidered. The cost is $4 upon completion.

Partial volunteer placement list:

Admitting Desk
Allergy Associates
Bone Densitometry
Business Office
Dietary Services
Emergency Department
Employee Health
Gift Shop
Human Resources
Intensive Care Unit
Information Desk
Internal Medicine
Mammography & Women's Clinic
Materials Management
Medical Records
Nursing Departments
Pastoral Care
Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy
Volunteer Services Office

Volunteer Opportunities Contact

Director of Volunteers Services
Please feel free to fill out our online form for more information on becoming a volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you!

North Austin Medical Center
AUSTIN , TX   78708-5075
Telephone: (512)901-1000

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