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At North Austin Medical Center, we welcome your inquiries. Below you'll find a convenient list of phone numbers that can connect you directly to more information about our many services. You may want to print this list for future reference. We look forward to hearing from you.

Admissions (512) 901-1500
Billing Inquires (512) 901-2600
Central Scheduling (512) 901-1515
Customer Service (512) 448-7378
Emergency Registration (512) 901-6076
Emergency Room (512) 901-1100
Hospital Administration (512) 901-2500
Human Resources (512) 901-2701
Laboratory (5:30am - 7:00pm) (512) 901-1200
Mammography (512) 901-1350
Medical Records (512) 901-6854
Operator (512) 901-1000
Radiology (512) 901-6637
Scheduling - Special Procedures (512) 901-1580

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North Austin Medical Center
AUSTIN , TX   78708-5075
Telephone: (512)901-1000

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